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  • Promote public awareness and community understanding aimed at the elimination of Discrimination, Inequity, Injustice, and Racism.  

  • Serve as a safe space for individuals to come together and engage in authentic conversations about racial inequity and social injustice.

  • Strive to realize stated goals through the creation and implementation of various programs and initiatives in the school system and our communities.

  • Utilize education, training, and civic action as catalysts for achieving transformational, sustainable and measurable change in our society.

"Advancing Equity & Justice Together"


              Coalition for Racial Equity and Social Justice

Family_With Bernadine_Madeline.heic
Dr Bernadine Ahonkhai and family, with special guest Congresswoman  Madeleine Dean (center) at the First Annual Coalition4Justice Anniversary celebration. (2021)
Dr. Bernadine Ahonkhai with the Coalition4Justice Steering Committee at the 2nd Anniversary celebration in 2022.

                            UPCOMING PROGRAMS

Let’s get together

We’re hosting a new event, and we want to see YOU there! 

Coalition4Justice presents:

EQUITY AND JUSTICE: The Role and Responsibilities of School Board Directors

Monday, April 10th, 2023 at 7:30 PM EDT

Special Guest: Jill Dennin, B.A., ex-school board member and teacher, discusses why School Board elections matter for Democracy, Equity and Justice.  


This is a FREE ONLINE event via ZOOM. Registration is required.

Q & A following presentation.

"Don't miss your chance to join in the Conversation!"

Jill Dennin

Congresswoman Madeleine Dean speaks at the First Coalition 4Justice Anniversary Celebration in 2021.


Members of The Coalition for Racial Equity and Social Justice participating in a voter registration drive in October at the Community College of Pennsylvania



YelloPain - My Vote Don’t Count 

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