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Additional Resources:


  • Corporate America Has Failed Black America an article by The New York Times


  • The Return of Jane Elliott an article by The New York Times


  • At John Lewis’s Funeral, Obama, Clinton and Bush Pay Tribute an article by The Wall Street Journel


  • Author of White Too Long, American Christianity Must Reckon With Legacy Of White Supremacy, an article by NPR.


  • An Article about Racial Trauma in Film from Northwestern University.


  • A Guide from Sunshine Behavioral Health, discussing the impact of mental health issues on Black Communities.


  • An Article by the Atlantic, compiling 163 years of articles on race and racism since their founding in 1857.


  • Civic Engagement and the Restoration of Community
    A booklet available as a pdf called Civic Engagement and the Restoration of Community Changing The Nature of the Conversation by Peter Block This booklet is written for citizens who care for the well being of their community. It is for those people who want to live in a neighborhood and a city that works for all its citizens and who have the faith and the energy to create such a place. It is for those of us who long for a positive future for the cities and neighborhoods within which we live.


  • An Article by the Daily Stoic titled We Have to Try Harder to Get There.


  • But Slavery Was So Long Ago...

Additional Resources
  • Other collections of resources

    • Teaching Tolerance including this specific lesson Why Teaching Black Lives Matter Matters Part I


    RESOURCES & TOOLS REGARDING RACISM & ANTI/BLACKNESS & How to be a Better Ally (ally.tools)


  • Black Lives Matter resources from SCBWI


  • 6abc Ends Racism Now


  • Anti-Racism Resources for Parents & Families from Nickelodeon