Coalition For Racial Equity And Social Justice

Founder & Executive Director \

Dr. Bernadine Ahonkhai

Dr. Bernadine E. Ahonkhai is an education policy influencer, a seasoned educator with expertise in Multicultural and Early Childhood Education, and a Human Rights Award recipient from the City of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She obtained her advanced degrees in Educational Administration and Leadership from Columbia University, New York. She has taught Multi-cultural and Early Education courses at the university and college levels. After many years of teaching, including owning and operating an Early Education program, Ahonkhai served as the Higher Education Director at the Pennsylvania Key, Office of Child Development and Early Learning. She has been an enthusiastic and impactful leader promoting diversity, equity, and inclusion in schools, teacher education, and the community for decades. Dr Ahonkhai founded the Coalition for Racial Equity and Social Justice (the Coalition4Justice)in 2020 in response to the murder of George Floyd and was recognized in 2020 by the Biden-Harris Inaugural team. 


Dr. Ahonkhai who was born and raised in Nigeria, now resides in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania with her husband, Vincent I. Ahonkhai, MD. They have four children and five grandchildren and are beloved by their community. 


Dr. Bernadine Ahonkhai