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About Coalition for Racial Equity and Social Justice

COAlition mission statement:

"To Advance Racial Equity and Social Justice"

Coalition4Justice provides a safe space for individuals to come together and engage in authentic conversations about racial and social inequity and injustice. The Coalition also provides education and training as a catalyst for raising public awareness about racial inequity, injustice, and meaningful and measurable change in our society. 

COALITION For racial equity and social justice


  • Promote Personal Transformation of Members of the Community

  • Promote Systemic and Institutional Transformation in key areas, including:

    • Education

    • Healthcare

    • Housing

    • Community Policing

    • Criminal Justice System

    • Economic Justice

    • Income and Wealth Disparity

    • Voting Rights

  • Promote a More Inclusive Society Where Every American Belongs

COALITION Objectives:

Programs and Activities

  • School Assembly in Public, Private & Religious Schools

  • Youth Build Diversity Ambassador Leadership Program

  • Presentation to Teachers during In-Service Program

  • Presentation to individual classes as part of the Social Studies or History Curriculum at all Grade Levels

  • Present Video clips on various related topics followed by class/group discussions and activities.

  • Work with Youth Groups/Boys Scouts/Girl Guides/YWCA

  • After School Programs

  • Work with School-Age After School Programs.

  • Work with Early Childhood Programs


Community Programs & Activities: 

Topics include but not limited to:

    • Prejudice

    • Stereotyping

    • Implicit Bias

    • Discrimination

    • Racism

    • "White Advantage"

    • Black Lives Matter movement, etc.

  • Workshops/Seminars/ Webinars

  • Monthly Speaker Series by special guests and panelists.

  • Movies/Videos/Book Reviews - Analyze and Discuss

  • "Tell Your Story Sessions."

  • Record personal stories and use in the schools 

  • Open Dialoguing Sessions

Click the BROCHURE button to be directed to a printable version of the Coalition4Justice brochure.

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