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Coalition4Justice Programs


Coalition4Justice presents


Human Sex Trafficking in the U.S: The Global Becomes Local


Monday, May 13, 2024 - 6:30 PM EST

The session aims to increase understanding of the issues, impact on victims, families, and communities and what individuals can do to combat this hideous crime and protect those who may be vulnerable.

Join us for this relevant discussion!


This is a FREE ONLINE event. EVERYONE IS WELCOME, but registration is required. Q & A after presentation.

"Don't miss Your chance to join in the Conversation!"

Carla Clanagan, Founder / Executive Director, In His Eyes Outreach 


Makenzie Clanagan, Zee’s Reflection Program

Public Speaker



Coalition4Justice was founded to provide a safe space for individuals to come together and engage in authentic dialogue about racial equity and social justice that leads to understanding and empathy despite our differences. Consequently, the Coalition provides education and training for adults and youth as a catalyst for raising awareness about inequity and injustice in our society. Our programs have positively impacted many people across Pennsylvania and beyond. 

What should I expect to experience at the Speaker Series?

  • The Coalition4Justice Speaker Series presents informative, interactive, immersive and inspiring programs. 

  • Each session addresses a different racial inequity and social injustice topic by an expert on the subject. 

  • Engage in meaningful and authentic conversations.

  • Opportunity to share personal stories and experiences.

  • Learn about issues and what must happen for transformation to occur. 

  • Learn how to advocate for lasting and sustainable change in the community.

Who should attend the Coalition4Justice Speaker Series?

The Speakers Series is a place to connect with others, exchange ideas, and learn about how to build a healthy, safe and stronger community. Everyone is welcome to attend the monthly Speaker Series. The sessions are free online via Zoom, but registration is required through our website or on


When is the next Speaker Series of the Coalition4Justice? 

The Speaker Series is held monthly on the second (2nd) Monday of the month. The sessions are held virtually via zoom from 7:30pm to 9:00pm EST. For more information about the Speaker Series, suggestions for program topics, or speakers you would like to recommend and how to participate, contact Coalition4Justice EventBrite Coordinator at:

See list of all past speakers by clicking here.

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