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Morning Newspaper

Dr. Bernadine Ahonkhai

Sep 11, 2022


The Coalition for Racial Equity and Social Justice was founded following the murder of George Floyd to bring people together to engage in heart-centered conversations about racial inequity and social injustice. Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice are at the core of our mission. The Coalition offers people the opportunity to engage in meaningful dialogue across differences and help break down societal silos by encouraging participants to be open-minded and see beyond past bias and stereotypes. The Coalition4Justice has reached and impacted people in Pennsylvania and beyond. In 2021, the Coalition4Justice was recognized by the Biden-Harris inaugural team for its work in the community. The Coalition4Justice is committed to increasing people’s experiences of valuing diversity and inclusion as well as promoting equitable, just, healthy, and safe communities. Consequentially, the Coalition is launching a Youth Build Diversity Ambassador Leadership program in Montgomery County in Pennsylvania.

As a result of the positive work that the Coalition has been doing since its founding in 2020, it is the recipient of two (2) grants in 2022.

· In April 2022, Coalition for Racial Equity and Social Justice, Coalition4Justice, is one of eleven grant recipients out of thirty-five organizations that applied for the Dr. Frank E. Boston Black Justice Fund. The Coalition was awarded $15,000 by the HealthSpark Foundation, Hatfield, PA, to develop and implement a six-week YouthBuild Diversity Ambassador program, for area youth ages 11-16. Focusing on diversity, equity, inclusion, and justice, the Ambassador program will contribute to the elimination of racially based school and cyberspace bullying, explore the benefits of living in a racially diverse community, and promote greater understanding and empathy between people of different races, ethnicities, socio-economic and religious backgrounds.

· In July 2022, Coalition for Racial Equity and Social Justice, Coalition4Justice, is one of a 110 grant awardees out of 436 that applied for the American Pandemic Recovery fund in Montgomery County, PA. The Coalition4Justice is awarded $100,000 to develop and implement eight (8) weeks program to educate students in school districts in Montgomery County, Pennsylvania on Diversity, Equity, Inclusion and Justice. The YouthBuild Diversity Ambassador Leadership program will help students develop skills to advance racial equity and social justice that will lead to a more inclusive schools and society that accept and value our nation’s diversity. The Montgomery County Pandemic Recovery grant will help the Coalition4Justice provide the youth diversity education in several school districts in the county for two to three years.

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